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La Dimora

Located in a magical rural context near the Soprano and Sottano mountains, a few kilometers away from

the Temples of Paestum and from the sea, the structure brings with it the history of four generations.


It was the 1950s when Nonno Peppe and Nonna Rosa moved to this area, enchanted by the riches of

this land and the peace of these places. Today, thanks to the strength of the new generations,

"Dimora Iannelli" arises from the same walls, with the same family vegetable garden and the splendid

buffalo farm, continuing with pride a tradition spanning more than 60 years. 


The house has been restored trying to maintain all the original features, respecting where possible the

materials of the past. In addition, the Dimora and the farm are been equipped with photovoltaic panels

and solar thermal system for a totally eco-sustainable approach.

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