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Dimora Iannelli - Vista
La Dimora
Inside the house, in addition to the privacy and quiet of the rooms, there is a common room for reading with a sofa and a small library. To relax, alternatively, you can use the porch of the breakfast room. 
Looking outside you will see our cute donkey, common hens and sweet bunnies playing with Whiskey, our beloved little dog.
The Vegetable Garden at Km 0
It's possible to visit the family garden near the Dimora, the one that was planted in the 1950s. 
It's a privilege and a pleasure to learn the cultivation techniques with "Nonna Rosa" who, over the age of ninety, still dedicates herself to the care of the first fruits according to the seasons.
The Buffalo Farm
With the Dimora the buffalo farm was born, which today has more than 200 heads divided between heifers and buffalos, all expertly curated by "Papà Antonio". From these splendid animals the pride milk of these lands is obtained, to create that mozzarella famous all over the world. It's of course possible to visit the farm and immerse yourself in the moments of peasant life with the family, learn to milk the buffaloes and, for the lucky ones, to witness the birth of a buffalo.
Visits and Activities in the Area
"La Dimora" is the ideal point from which start to visit the beauty of the area, dotted with of various types of attractions.
We are always available to assist you with directions and reservations for places to visit.
The area is full of tourist attractions, from religious and archaeological sites, to beaches and mountains surrounding the area:
  • Archaeological site and Temples of Paestum

  • Sanctuary of the Madonna del Granato

  • Early Christian Basilica of Paestum 

  • Beaches of the Cilento coast (Agropoli, Palinuro ...)

  • Beaches of the Amalfi coast (Amalfi, Vietri ...)

  • Trekking in the mountains (Monte Cervati, Panormo, Soprano, Solofrone Waterfalls ...)

  • Visit to the historic villages of Cilento with tasting of typical products

  • Paragliding flights with instructors

  • "Cilento in Volo" in Trentinara

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